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DOC wines of Veneto

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DOC wines of Veneto: the labels

The acronym DOC means Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Controlled Designation of Origin); it is used in the oenological sector to certificate and define the place of origin where the grapes to produce a certain type of wine are harvested. The DOC label is nationally recognized.

In order to safeguard the consumers, offering them the best maximum quality, DOC wines are subjected to chemical-physical and organoleptic tests during the production process, carried out by specific committees.
The historical wine tradition and the suitable morphology of the area, make Veneto one of the regions with the greatest number of DOC.

Veneto DOC wines

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Here you can find a brief guide to the Veneto DOC wines.

1. Arcole, DOC red and white wine produced in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

2. Bagnoli di Sopra or Bagnoli, DOC produced in the town with the same name in the province of Padua. It is produced in different varieties: red, rosé, white, Spumante, Passito, Cabernet, Friulano and Merlot.

3. Bardolino, red wine produced in the province of Verona, mainly obtained by the grapes of Corvina Veronese, with additions of Rondinella and/or other less important varieties.

4. Bianco di Custoza, fresh and aromatic wine; it can be paired easily and it is produced in the province of Verona.

5. Breganze, which production area enclose some municipalities of the province of Vicenza.

6. Colli Berici, which production area is situated in the heart of the Veneto plain. The main variety is red Tocai.

7. Colli Euganei, volcanic hills in the province of Padua, which soil is perfect to cultivate grapevines.

8. Corti Benedettine del Padovano, it is produced in the provinces of Padua and Venice. The grapevine cultivation and the wine production in this territory has pretty ancient origins.

9. Gambellara, produced in a border area between Verona and Vicenza. The main character is the grape variety called Garganega.

10. Garda DOC, produced in the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Mantova. The DOC wines are produced with at least the 85% of grapes coming from grape varieties with the same name.

11. Lison Pramaggiore DOC, it is a territory that encloses the east part of the province of Venice and the neighbour province of Treviso and Pordenone.

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12. Lugana DOC, produced in the provinces of Verona and Brescia. There are three different types of Lugana: Lugana, Lugana Superior and Lugana Spumante.

13. Merlara, produced in the provinces of Padua and Verona. The red wines are produced with Marzemino, Raboso and Merlot. The white wines uses Malvasia and other grapes such as the Trebbiani.

14. Montello and Colli Asolani, produced in the province of Treviso.

15. Monti Lessini or Lessini, produced in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. It is a wine with a peculiar taste also called “Giulietta’s wine”.

16. Piave or Piave Wines, produced in the province of Treviso and Venice and the Po Valley.

17. Prosecco, produced in the province of Belluno, Padua, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza starting from the grapes of the Glera varieties.

18. Riviera del Brenta, produced in the provinces of Padua and Venice.

19. San Martino della Battaglia, produced in the provinces of Verona and Brescia. It represents the production area of Tocai friulano.

20. Soave, the first DOC recognized in Italy, produced in the province of Verona.

21. Terradeiforti Valdadige, produced in a territory on the border of the province of Verona and Trento.

22. Valdadige, produced in a territory going from Chiusa di Ceraino in the province of Verona to Bolzano.

23. Valpolicella, produced in the area of the three valleys crossed by the creeks Negrar, Marano and Fumane starting from the varieties Rondinella, Molinara and Corvina Veronese.

24. Valpolicella Ripasso. The name ripasso derives from the making process of this wine, that uses the same grapes used for the vinification of Amarona and Recioto.

25. Venice, which DOC has been recognised on 22nd December 2010. It encloses wines produced with grapes coming from varieties located in the provinces of Venice and Treviso.

26. Vicenza, DOC wines coming from the province of Vicenza

27. Serenissima Vineyards or Serenissima, it is reserved to Spumante wines obtained only through bottle fermentation.

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