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Emilia Romagna: Italian cuisine and tastes

Emilia-Romagna: two connected lands with different food traditions; on one side the typical cuisine from Emilia, characterized by strong tastes and a greedy dishes; on the other side the cuisine from Romagna, simple, rough but peculiar as well.

A region rich in excellences well known all over the world, a milestone for the Italian peninsula.

Both the Romagnola and Emiliana cuisine are characterized by the quality of the typical dishes. The region proposes a wide range of regional products such as: the famous “piadina”, filled with “squaquerone”, bolognese ragù, “lasagna”, the famous “tortellini” and the well-known “cappelletti”, “passatelli”, “tagliatelle”, the prestigious Parmigiano Reggiano (world-renowned), “mortadella”, “salama da sugo” and the ring-shaped cake from Romagna.

Pay a visit to Emilia Romagna and you won’t be disappointed.

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