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Bitter: the english Pale Ale

Bitter is a type of english Pale Ale Craft Beer, highly fermented, well hopped, low carbonated, served at room temperature, never chilled. Bitters vary in colour from gold to dark amber, the foam can be short-lasting due to a light carbonation and in strength from 3% (Bitter) to 7% (premium o strong) alcohol by volume.
The smell of hops and caramel varies from high to null on the nose, mildly fruity and the malt aroma is strong in the mouth as the hop, sometimes lighter, other stronger. Generally quite bitter, it is, however, a well balanced beer and its body goes to light (bitter) to medium-full (Strong Bitter).

Originally, this was a draught beer, fresh and tapped through systems such as “Gravity Cask Tap” or “Pumping”
Malt and Hop are really evident in the Special or Best Bitter beers. The English Pale Ale have always been considered as the bottled beer par excellence.

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