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Italian Craft Beer: to succeed is our job!

Pizza, Pasta, Wine… Italians are also good at producing Craft Beer. We selected for you thanks to our experts, cervoisier, producers and brew masters, products that represent our territory very well, synonyms of excellence.

Our experts will guide you to the discovering of the italian brew scene; throughout the rich and wide section dedicated to craft beer you will read plenty of articles that will explain you production methods, techniques and products used to obtain the beloved craft beer,

A travel finding the best beers among the wide world of the Italian craft beer; our experts tasted and tested for you hundreds of products, they reviewed them giving you a careful sensory analysis rich in curiosities.
In the pieces dedicated to Italian food and wine you will find complete descriptions of the producers, last news, won prizes and many other gems concerning the new born, microbreweries that well know how to distinguish themselves, standing out for their skills.

In this section completely dedicated to Italian craft beer you can ask for advice to experts, passionates and critics, pour out your thirst for knowledge; in addition our experts will talk about the best craft beer events and festivals they’ve attended.

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