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Sour Beers: if you drink them, you’ll fall in love

Sour Beer are like beautiful women: difficult, they raise curiosity and after few sips you can’t do without them. Joking aside, the world of sour beers is wide and complex, a trend that boasts ancient roots and strong traditions.
They doesn’t even come close to the “blond” that you ask in a pub, the Sour Beers have to be understood and tasted, their flavor is really far from the traditional craft beer to which you are used to.

Sour Beers, their wedding with food

Sour Beers have a gift, they match perfectly almost with everything, there are huge possibilities of matching them with different dishes, our cervoisier deepened this subject in his articles. Refreshing, in summer they are a perfect solution and it is a pleasure to drink the citric ones.
It is the process that make them interesting and well structured: the fermentation is longer and the aging in kegs can varies from some months to three years more or less, this allows the development of the sourness, instead it mitigates the one of bacterial origine. The real characters of the sour beers are the yeasts and the bacterias used, the brewmasters use raw materials chosen to reach a balanced and amazing result.
Among the Sour Beers it is possible to recognize different styles and trends, as well.

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