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Arrogant Sour Festival, sour craft beers for all tastes

Arrogant Sour Festival, Sour Beer of all types, from all over the world, for all tastes!
Finally, The most important Italian event dedicated to sour beer was born, esteemed beers which play an important role in the brew scene.
For the draught beer there are exclusively sour beer, precisely 120 different beers in rotation on 60 plugs. Every year their number increase, an event that is going to grow for sure.
Excellent characters are there to tap the nectar: Alessandro Belli, Mr Colonna from the Macchè of Rome, Nino from theLambiczoon of Milan and Michele from The Dome of Nembro. Attending also the well defined guru of the craft beer, Kuaska.
Arrogant Sour Festival open its doors to a world sill few known but which boasts ancient roots, sour beers, craft beers rich in history with a difficult structure. Our cervoisier, always looking for the best products, reviewed one of the best festival dedicated to craft beer.

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