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Belgian Saison, Seasonal Craft Beers

From french “season”, Belgian Saison is a Belgian style connected to the periodicity. The production of Belgian Saison craft beers respect the timing of the periodical changes: the fermentation occurs traditionally, in fall or winter, whereas it is ready to be served around the end of summer.
The Belgian Saison Style follows its own way, this fascinating style was born before the invention of the refrigeration systems. The Belgian Masters were forced to make the beer fermented in fall or winter because the summer heat could damage the production. The high alcoholic degree is a characteristic of this style, the Saison Beer produced in advanced can be mixed with the one of the previous fall or with other Lambic beers to enhance the sourness, this mix process can also reduce the alcoholic degree. Our Cervoisier will introduced you to the articulated Belgian craft beer world, authentic beers with a wonderful history.

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