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Beer Tour: food and wine tours for craft beer lovers and enthusiasts.

Organized tours guided by a beer expert in the microbrewery of the best producers from North and South, passing through the beating heart of Rome traveling around Italy.
The Guide for the Italian brewing tourism where you can find useful information to organize your tour of the cellar to taste the best Italian Craft beers with advice from the producers and the brew masters themselves.

Beer Tour: the marriage between craft beer and food

The Beer Tour is an unique occasion to explore a land rich in history, where craft beer and food get married for the pleasure of the most demanding palate and for all the Italian taste lovers.

Beer Tourism

To travel discovering beers and new territories with wonderful tours among expositions and dedicated events, beer experts and producers talk about their brew world, the beer tour is the occasion that you were waiting for, an unforgettable travel to discover flavors and thousand-year-old traditions.

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