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Venice DOC, Serenissima wines

Venice DOC was born in 2011 to safeguard the venetian wines and to guarantee the high-quality of the wines produced within the province.
Venice DOC includes the Piave area and all the Lison Pramaggiore territory, to Treviso, Venice, Conegliano hills and the Caorle lagoon. The origin of the east soils of the venetian plain is connected to the sediment of alluvial materials coming from the melting of the alpine glacier, then to the Piave action and finally the Livenza journey.
Referring to the Venice DOC, you can find the following wines: Cabernet Franc Doc Venezia, Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Venezia, Chardonnay Doc Venezia, Merlot Doc Venezia, Pinot grigio Doc Venezia, Rosè Spumante Doc Venezia, Rosso (50% Merlot) Doc Venezia, Verduzzo spumante (verduzzo or glera) Doc Venezia.

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