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Tour section: all the news about the most interesting Italian food and wine tours, but not only this. In this specific session we give you the possibility to travel around Italy through the best restaurants of the peninsula.
The best restaurants, pubs, wine bars, but also “low-profile” places that offer something more such as the typical Italian “trattorie”, kiosks, take away, and much more!
Who said that to eat and drink well we need to pay an expensive bill?
In our opinion an excellent product, the right location and a capable chef have multiple shades that are possible to find in different places and in every city.
We rely only on the abilities of our experts and exclusively on our experiences.

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Rubrica Tour

Craft beer in Milan, a real conquest!

The continuous growth of craft beer, wine and food The real phenomenon in the recent year is with any doubt the boom of the food and wine sector that affected as a flood all the professional and amateur restaurants and all the...