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Birra Tempesta:

Two young boys, Pierluigi and Claudio, that have chosen to take the road of Brewfirm, they produce their craft beer in Veneto region and for some years they are obtaining a positive outcome. Though they are young, the quality of their creations is experienced. A good choice among the old Ale, with a British inspiration and a perfect english style. A series of five permanent products and sometimes some gems.
To them, Birra Tempesta, is convivial, party, quality. They don’t produce too much beer because they wouldn’t mind making money out of it, to them, Birra Tempesta is a product driven by passion and love; each english that find its beer won’t ever let it go, the same is for the vision of Birra Tempesta, you won’t ever let it go!

In the dedicated section, our beer expert reviewed for you some of the beers produced by Claudio and Pierluigi, he told their story throughout a brief interview.

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