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Sicily: sweet food and wine

Sicily is an Italian Region with the richest food and wine heritage of the peninsula, a controversial history characterizes the typical Sicilian cuisine, in fact it shows traces and contributions of all the cultures which settled down in Sicily in the last two millenniums.
The list of the typical Sicilian products is huge, it’s been worth remembering Wines and Desserts, world-renowned and widespread. The amazing “cannoli” and “cassata” reign supreme, not to mention the Fedora Cake, whereas concerning the drinks, unique are Marsala, Zibibbo, Nero d’avila, Grillo, Frappato, Perricone and Inzolia.

Sicilian dishes have unmistakable tastes and priceless flavors. Well remarkable is fish as Sicily is an island; you have to try the couscous with fish from Trapani and the famous messinese stockfish. Moreover there are lots of dishes made with aubergine, such as the “caponata”, “parmigiana”, “Pasta alla Norma” and the “Scacci”, focaccia bread filled with parsley, cauliflowers or tomatoes, real savory pies. And so on!

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