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Why do the wine bottles have a bottom with that shape?

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Written by EFW Staff

Different hypothesis for the “bell” shape of the bottom of wine bottles

Fondi bottiglie | Enjoy Food & Wine

We know that the shape is something that don’t interests you most when you buy a bottle of wine. But have you ever wondered why the bottom of wine bottles is made like this (with a “bell” shape)? There are different hypothesis on the issue… and on the following rows you can find five of these reasons! Choose which one likes you most!

Bottom of the bottles: it allows to collect the wine sediments

According to some versions, the particular shape of the bottles is necessary to collect the sediments of the wine in a small area close to the bottom, preventing them to mix with the wine that we are pouring.

Bottom of the bottles: grabbing the bottle would be easier

When we grab the bottle of wine from the bottom, we often place the thumb in the hollow, using the rest of the fingers to keep the bottle stable.

Bottom of the bottles: it creates an optic illusion so that the bottle seems bigger

The usual size of the bottles of wine is 75 cl, but the design of the “bell” bottom could deceive the human eye, so the bottle seems bigger.

Bottom of the bottles: the shape makes them more resistant to the high pressure

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Probably, this type of bottle was born for Champagne, as it guarantees a higher mechanical resistance of the bottle.
French Champagne Louis Roederer, type “Cristal” is the only exception. In fact it was created in 1876 by Alexander II of Russia that wanted a bottle with a flat and transparent bottom, as he was worried about the fact that the “bell” bottom could hide a bomb.

Bottom of the bottles: the bottle would cool down quickly

The peculiar shape of the bottom of the bottles enhances the surface, allowing a greater quantity of ice to come into contact with the liquid, cooling it down quickly.

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