The best beers

Here you can find a short but complete list of the best beer in the world.

The Danish beer Geek Brunch Weasel

This particular beer has two main characteristics both in the aroma and the preparation. As for the second aspect, the beer is produced with the use of particular coffee seeds that are more precious and expensive, as they are used to feed the civet.
The same seeds are then reused after that they have been digested and excreted through the feaces and mixed with other ingredients of the beer.
Obviously, all the ingredients are, carefully washed and treated and they give a strong taste that mix together the aroma of coffee and the beer, without being sour.

Beer of march, the Cigar City Imperial Stout

This particular beer, with its great taste, comes form the city of Tampa. It is subjected to two main procedures, which make it unique all over the world: the first consist in the fact that the beer is produced only during the second week of march, when a themed event is organized in the city. The second characteristic is that each person can buy just three bottles produced in the american territory.

Fall and winter beer of Michigan

America produces also this second type of beer, which taste and colour are unique: we are talking about he Bells Expedition Stout, produced in Michigan.
The beer has a dark colour and it derives from the fact that the recipe foresees a double dose of malt: its taste is quite bitter and strong.
The beer is produced and sold in the final and initial trimester of the year: the double malt Bells is the beer that characterize the period of time that goes from October to March.

Thousand shades of the Speedway AleSmith

As for the taste, this beer is great and moreover it is a limited edition. This is, in fact, it was produced in packs of 0,75 l and each single beer has a different taste from the others: the reason is that each beer is prepared with different aromas, like for instance caramel, coffee, nut, and many others.

The best beer in the world

The Westvleteren’s 12, produced in Belgium can be considered the best beer in the world. This beer is produced by monks, which follow the traditional recipe, using healthy ingredients cultivated according to the tradition: among them there is malt, sugar and cinnamon.

The best beer in the world is produced carefully by the monks, that sell it in front of the doors of the abbey of Saint Sixtus.

These are the best beers of the of world, each one of them is rich in taste and different from the others.

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