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Which are the main Sommelier tools?

Foto di tre utensili molto utilizzati: Termometro, cavatappi e tappo con guarnizioni. Strumenti del sommelier | EFW
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The charming Sommelier tools

Today we deal with the tools of the Sommelier, which are the sommelier tools?

Sommeliers are neither mechanics nor doctors, but they have their tools of the trade: some of them are now fallen into disuse, others are used rarely, but others are really essential.

Strumenti del sommelier tastevin - EFW

Name and short definition:

Tastevin: it is the symbol of the AIS – Associazione Italiana Sommelier (Italian Association Sommelier). It was used to taste the wine, but today it has been replaced with the more practical and cushy Tester (tasting glass). Among the Sommelier tools this is the most fascinating and recognizable.

Corkscrew: it is an essential tool and it is made of a small knife that is needed to cut the seal, a worm, the spiral to pierce the cork, and the opener that allow to remove the cork, laying on the edge of the bottle.

Wine bucket: it allows to transfer an important bottle from the cellar to the table and keeping it horizontal without shaking it with the risk to mix all the solid residuals.

Strumenti del sommelier decanter - EFW

Decanter and Candle: they are essential to pour the wine that has sediments that we don’t want to mix them with the wine to oxygenate the wine. These are typical Sommelier tools that during the years became common.

Foto di due tipologie di Secchielli porta vino, utlili per mantenere e stabilizzare la temperatura della bottiglia - Strumenti del sommelier | EFW

Wine bucket, Glacette and Thermometer: all these tools are necessary, in order, to change, maintain and check the service temperatures of our beloved wines.

Sommelier tongs and Stopper: are necessary to serve Spumante wines. The former is used when the cork resists and you don’t want to break it; the latter is used to close the bottle keeping the pressure to preserve its precious bottles.

Wine cart: it is a useful tool to serve wines in a steam. It is a good idea for an aperitif or for a pairing. Manage the cart allows to change the type of wines and to do a rotation of all the labels in the cellar.

These, briefly, are the main Sommelier tools that are daily used to serve wine in the best way. Now, the only thing is to see them in action, thus pay attention the next time you go to a restaurant.


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