Christmas desserts, five regional specialities

Dolci di Natale a forma di stella - EFW
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5 Christmas desserts coming from all over Italy

When the temperatures decrease and the historic centres of many Italian cities start to wear their Christmas clothing, it is the best period of the year to discover the richness of the region and our gastronomic tradition and the recipes of our cuisine.

Christmas desserts of Veneto: Pinza

Pinza was born in Veneto as simple desserts prepared with bread leftover, dried figs, fennel seeds and raisin, whereas today it is prepared with yellow and white flour, together with other ingredients according to the areas.

This rustic dessert is eaten generally during the day of Epiphany and it is perfect paired with a well-structured liqueur as Nocino or a sweet wine as Passito.

Christmas Desserts of Tuscany: Ricciarelli

Dolci di Natale Biscotti Ricciarelli - EFW

Ricciarelly are a Christmas desserts with almonds, sugar and egg white where there can be also candied fruit and vanilla. They have a long shape, slightly wrinkled on the end; the surface is rough, covered with powdered sugar and a thin host as base.

The legend dates back these desserts in the XIV century and it tells that was the knight Ricciardetto Della Gherardesca to bring it in its castle back from the Crusades. They can be paired with Tuscan Vin Santo or a Moscadello di Montalcino.

Christmas Desserts of Sicily: Buccellati di Enna

Buccellati (in the dialect Cucciddati) are a traditional Sicilian Christmas dessert made of a short bread pastry with almonds, figs, jams, dried fruit or chocolate according to the area of production. The shape can vary according to the place from donut to long biscuits. Sweet wines of the island as Moscato di Pantelleria are an excellent way to pair the Buccellati.

Christmas Desserts of Marche: Pizza de Natà

Pizza de Natà is a Christmas dessert of Marche cooked in the oven that looks like a panettone prepared with bread dough, with different ingredients among which walnuts, raisin, nuts, lemon and orange zest, dried fruit and grinded chocolate.

This dessert is perfect with a flavoured wine, typical of the same region, “Vino di Visciole” a variety of black cherry.

Christmas Desserts of Friuli Venezia Giulia: Gubana

Dolci di Natale Gubana - EFW

Gubana is a dessert with the shape of a snail in the periods of party, which name can derive from the Slovenian “guba” (fold) or gubat (wrap). The first proof of the production of this dessert can be dated back to the 1409 when they set a buffet for the visit of Papa Gregorio XII in Cividale del Friuli.

It is made of a leavened sweet dough and its stuffing make it special: walnuts, nuts, almonds, pine nuts, sugar, grappa, jam and butter. It gives its best if it is natural, without spirits or wine.

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