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The best tools to bottle wine

The rite of bottling wine arrives from the peasant tradition but it is something spread that respect specific rules to obtain a good product. It is essential to have the right material and tools to pour the wine in the best and most efficient way.

Here you can find some practice suggestions on how to choose the best tools

Choosing the right material

Bottling wine means to pour it from the demijohns to the bottles that will rest then, for a short or long period of time, and it comprehends all the activities that goes from the setting to the washing of the bottles and their filling, corking and packing. There are various types of wine bottles for sale, which differs for size (the traditional one has a capacity of 750 ml, of 1000 ml, the double of 1500 m or the half of 375 ml) and it will be obviously necessary to choose the most suitable for your needs and the forecast of consumption. But the bottles of wine are different also for their colour, weight and shape. Each of them has to be carefully chosen. Generally it is better to choose dark bottles for red wines and white or green for white and rosé wines.
Wine should be sheltered to the light of the sun, therefore, when it is not possible to preserve its own wine and it will be useful to choose dark bottles.
Also the choice of the cork is fundamental: its main function is to protect the wine inside the bottle from the contact with the oxygen that will affect its properties and characteristics and thus to guarantee the preservation.
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Cork stopper is typically used to produce wines that will be aged, as they have a great ability to protect the wine. The synthetic cork can, instead, be suitable to bottle fresh white wines to drink in a short period of time and avoid the risk of cork taint.

The best tools to bottle wine: pouring

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There are many instruments that can be useful to bottle wine in the right way.
The automatic pouring pipe, for instance, allow to realize the pouring in an automatic way, avoiding any leak from the bottle. The pipe stop pouring once reached the desired level of liquid. The price is low, between 10 and 25 euros. There are, moreover, some pipes to pour wine, they are simple rubber or plastic tubes and to start the process of pouring it is sufficient to suck from one side.

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