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The taste of Langhe

Borgo delle Langhe, veduta aerea - EFW
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Foggy fascinating landscapes with castles and vineyards: Langhe

Langhe: a precious heritage

Langhe is that hill territory enclosed between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo. The area around Alba, kingdom of wine and truffle is called Bassa Langa (in English, Low Langa), whereas the area that border on Liguria, covered of forest is called Alta Langa (High Langa). The hill territory around Asti is called Langa Astigiana and since June, 22nd 2014 Langhe is part of the UNESCO heritage, a precious recognition to this territory that is the result of hard work and excellent products. The work that the winemakers, the farmers and the restaurant owners is unbelievable: they make Langhe a trunk full of richness for everyone. The best products of this area are a real pride for the whole region: wine, truffle, nuts, cheese and much more.

Langhe e Nebbia - EFW

Castles and vineyards: Langhe route

The hills twist and turned through a landscape full of medieval castles, as witnesses of a glorious past; each one represent a small town that carries out its life quietly, involving also the tourists in its calm rhythm. The local population kindly offer the result of their work in a unique atmosphere that you can breath only here, in Langa.

Langhe: the cradle of Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is the father of Barolo and its name dates back to the morning fogs that envelop the grapes, that disappear immediately with the first sunbeams. The wine that comes from this territory is a real delicacy: Barolo is one of the best known Italian wines all around the world. The Barolo Route allows to know the real essence of the production of this wine: walks through the vineyards, visits of the cellar, guided tastings paired with local products.

Round Gentle Nut of Langhe

The Round Gentle Nut is a small nut produced in the Langhe area. Its characteristic is to be particularly aromatic and delicate. Its thin shell allows a great result and an easy making process. Its organoleptic characteristics make it pretty famous around the world, besides being the main character of some famous local desserts such as nut cakes, nougats, chocolate and pralines. Walking along the streets it is easy to find shop windows full of just baked cakes.

Alta Langa Spumante wine, a gem not to miss

Vigneti delle Langhe - EFW

The grapes used to produce the Alta Langa Spumante wine have to come from vineyards of the hill areas alongside the left part of the Tanaro river. The allowed varieties are: Chardonnay and/or Pinot. Its foam is soft and lasting, the bubbles looks like a tidy row of pearls, which enhance the amazing notes of bread crust and fruity flavours.

Tourism in the Langhe

Each season represents a perfect reason to visit Langhe, from spring to autumn this territory is rich in festivals, exhibitions and tastings. The wineries are always glad to involve the tourist in the opening of the new vintages, moreover picnics among the vineyards or themed evening are the main characters of this place.

Hotels, agritourisms and ancient palaces are perfect to enjoy the life in the Langhe and they are well equipped with restaurant, swimming pool and spa to make every holiday unique.
Autumn is dedicated to the Alba White Truffle Festival which take place in the months of October and November. The exposition centre encloses a huge stand to carry out truffle auction sales. Many foreigners and tourists attend the event, given that it isn’t easy to find this delicacy around the corner, but also chefs of starred-restaurants escort them to enrich their dishes.
This event is the perfect window also for the other typical product of the Langhe: wines, desserts, fruit and vegetables.
Alba wears its best clothes during this days: cockades, noble coat of arms and standards decorate the city centre, while twirlers, ladies, knights and jesters walk around the streets.

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