It’s time of cheese without milk: the European regulation

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Cheese without milk made with powdered milk

This cheese with powdered milk seems nonsense to us, the Italians, as we always care about the quality. But Europe asks to Italy to allow to produce cheese starting from condensed milk without fresh and natural milk. The European Commission spoke clearly, sending an order to Rome asking Italy to be less severe on the restrictions concerning the dairy production, invoking the free circulation of the goods around Europe.

It is not compulsory and it won’t affect the DOC products, like the excellent DOP cheeses of Veneto or of other regions. Europe asks to Italy to accept the possibility to produce and sell cheese that comes from powdered milk. The foodies of the Booth, used to the high quality Buffalo mozzarella, Grana Padano, stracchino and taleggio, don’t agree with this issue. How can we compare them with other dairy products made with powdered milk? But also the producers aren’t that happy, they have declared war on request and are ready to fight for the real “made in Italy” against the reduction of the quality that would only ruin the excellent reputation of the Italian flag.

Italian cheeses and yogurt represent fresh milk!


Caciotta, latteria and ricotta, but also yogurt: the quality of the non-certified cheeses is in danger because if Italy will be forced to accept the European requests, it should delete the prohibition to use powdered milk for the dairy production. Bye bye Italian fresh milk and room for national and foreign cheeses and yogurts that will arrive on our table, in which fresh and natural milk will be just a few and famous as cheese without milk.

The ban is in force since 1974 and it is one of the tools that allowed Italy to reach the top of the quality of the dairy production appreciated and demanded from all over the world, as for other laws. Do you know that Europe in the recent years allowed to produce chocolate without cocoa butter, or to add sugar to wine, or not to mention in the label where the oil come from?

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