First Christmas courses of Veneto

Primi piatti natalizi veneti: piatto di bigoli| Enjoy Food & Wine
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First courses of the Christmas courses of the tradition of Veneto

Veneto is a land rich in traditions and taste and the dishes of the Christmas dishes served in the table during the Christmas celebrations, and they express all the variety and the richness of the territory. It is impossible to resist it.

First Christmas courses of Veneto: “bigoli in salsa”

One of the first traditional dishes of the holidays is bigoli in salsa. “Bigoli” (in the venetian dialect “bigoi“) is a kind of pasta long and thick typical of the region, but also spread in Lombardy. Their preparation requires the use of soft wheat, water and salt, but they can be realized with whole flour, with or without eggs.

The particular treatment of this pasta give it a present roughness, thanks to which it is able to catch sauces and seasonings.
This dish is typical of the Christmas’ Eve and it is made with a simple but tasty seasoning that preserve the ancient recipe: sear the grinded onion in a pan together with extra virgin olive oil, add anchovies and leave it simmer with white wine in order to make a creamy “soar”. When the sauce is thick enough season with bigoi al dente.

We suggest the pairing with a white wine like Colli di Conegliano DOC

During the holidays, a great variety

First Christmas courses of Veneto: gnocchi al sugo d’anatra and risotto al radicchio

Primi piatti natalizi veneti: gnocchi su tagliere e pasta - Enjoy Food & Wine

Gnocchi with duck sauce, a typical autumn and winter dish. In the past, when the poverty was spread, this dish was prepared with all the offal, included tripe, skin, animal fat and margarine. The dish was savory but really fat. Today, instead, this dish is prepared with a lean sauce and it is perfect if paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

An elegant alternative is risotto al radicchio trevisano. Radicchio Rosso di Treviso has the IGP certification, it is typical of this areas and can be used raw but also for the preparation of first courses.

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