Detox your body in preparation for winter

Written by EFW Staff

How to detox your body with the right diet

Cold is coming and the best thing to prepare your body to face winter is to detox it, getting rid of all the toxins, strengthening the organism.

An efficient detox activity starts from the diet and to help the stomach, the intestine and the liver to fulfil their duties at their best it is necessary to remove the toxic components and eat alkali foods, which limit the inflammations.

To detox the organism with the right food

If you aren’t in the mood to follow intense detox diets and practices, you can start to get rid of the toxins gathered, choosing the right food and removing the inflammatory ones.

Why detox the body is so important?


If you’ve overdone with industrial food or sweets, fried food and grilled meat it can be that you feel bloated, heavy, tired, exhausted, weak or with difficulties to digest. If the kilos on your scales have increased and the skin or the wealth of the body are under pressure, it’s time to detoxify!

Green light foods that detox your body

  • Water: to hydrate the body is helpful to get rid of the gathered toxins, throw them away faster; it encourage the digestion of food and recharge the body of mineral salts. To facilitate the detox process the water has to have a Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) at 180° under 50mg and a PH between 6-7.
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetable: nature gives us in every moment of the year the vegetables that we need, perfect to detox the liver are the artichokes and the artichoke hearts, but also the leaf vegetables and astringent as chicory, Swiss chard and radicchio. Eat raw vegetables, steamed or boiled.
  • Whole grains: rich in fibres, to eat in grains as barley or spelt, in particular if they are gluten free like the rice, buckwheat, millet or the pseudocereals as amaranth or quinoa.
  • Pulses: lentils, chickpeas and beans are perfect to intake proteins, vitamins and mineral salts; however if you want a strong detox do not exceed in the portions and frequency, cause they can cause bloat and meteorism.
  • Fish: if you don’t want to quit to animal proteins eat fish, preferring small-medium size fish from our seas, blue tailed fish rich in Omega3 like sardine and mackerel, avoiding the pieces of fish (tuna and swordfish).


Red light foods that detox your body

  • Alcohol: it is the first thing to get rid of, because it is harmful for the liver and the quantity of sugar is really high; alcohol puts the stomach to the test and its abuse can cause intestinal problems.
  • Meat: it requires a slow digestive process that strains the organism and can jeopardize the intestinal flora.
  • Milk and dairy products: not only because they are fats and increase the cholesterol level in the blood, but also and above all for the presence of casein, a protein which acts as a glue creating a coat on the intestine, preventing it to work well and generating a great quantity of “mucus” in the organism.
  • Packaged food and refined flours: industrial food are rich in fats (low-quality fats), sugar and refined flours, guilty to produce toxic substances. So, substitute sweets with dried fruit, nuts, seeds and sweeten infusions and beverages with honey or barley malt.

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