October’s fish, Italian and fresh

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October’s fish directly from the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea, defined Mare Nostrum by the Romans, is rich in a great variety of fish species all year round. Following the season, thus, it is possible to eat fishes rich in nutritive properties and taste.
With the arrival of autumn, the days are cooler and the variety of fish is lesser. But October is a good month where we can take advantage of two great products of the sea: cuttlefishes and squids. Let’s see how to clean them and use in cuisine.

October’s fish from the Mediterranean Sea: the cuttlefish




Mediterranean sea holds at least three varieties of cuttlefish: the most common is the Seppia officinalis that can reach 35 cm of length, Seppia Elegans (9 cm) and Seppia Orbignyana, between the two (max 12 cm)

This mollusks, belonging to the family Sepiidae, live in the Adriatic Sea, especially in two specific moments of the year, spring and autumn. In these periods of the year in fact, the cuttlefishes come close to the side to lay eggs. In this moment they are caught.

Cleaning the cuttlefish

This passage requires care and patience

  • wash the cuttlefish under the tap
  • remove the bone, paying attention
  • cut with the scissor the head and the tentacles
  • remove the offals and the ink sac
  • remove the peel with the fingers or with the help of a scissor

Recipes with cuttlefish

Stewed cuttlefish are always a huge success, but this fish allow you to play with the consistency and create exquisite recipes.
An example is the sauce with stuffed cuttlefish. After having cleaned the cuttlefish, stuff them with a grind of parsley, garlic, the soft part of bread, pecorino cheese, tentacles, capers, salt and pepper to taste. When they are perfectly brownish add the tomato sauce, better if it is home made and let them cook together for around an hour.
With the ink you can prepare excellent first courses where it can be used as seasoning but also directly in the dough. One of the last trend is to use the ink in the bread that can be used to pair dishes or fish hamburgers.

October’s fish from the Mediterranean Sea: squids


As for the cuttlefish, also squid (Loligo Vulgaris), that usually lives in the deep waters of Mediterranean Sea, it is caught in fall and spring when it comes closer to the coast in occasion of the mating and the laying of the eggs when they reach the rocks.

Generally it has a red colour, but it can change depending on the situations like attack, escape or courtship. Its length can vary from 20/30 cm but it can reach also 50/60 cm.

Cleaning the squid

As for the cuttlefish, also the squid requires a certain ability

  • wash the squid
  • remove the offal, the peel and the beak (in the middle of the tentacles) and the eyes
  • remove the ink sac

Recipes with the squid

Usually it is the main character of fried food alone or together with other fishes, squid can be used also to prepare other dishes. In the first courses it can be used as seasoning cut in sticks and cooked in the pan with cherry tomatoes and olive, or the squid can become a good second course as for instance a skewer. Season the clean squids in a bowl with grated bread, parsley, salt, pepper and two spoons of oil. Skewer the squids and place them in a hot grill, cooking for 10 minutes, until they are perfectly brownish and seared.

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