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Torcolato DOC of Breganze

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Torcolato DOC wine, a prestigious Venetian product to be discovered

Torcolato DOC Wine is produced in the province of Vicenza, and the renowned DOC territory of Breganze, a rich territory that goes through the valleys of Brenta and Astico River. Its wine, the Torcolato DOC is made with the grapes of the Vespaiola variety, called in this way because the bees really love this type of grape, as it is particularly rich in sugar.

The production of Torcolato DOC wine: between history and cuisine

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The name “Torcolato” derives from its famous production method, in fact, after a careful grapes harvest, the grapes wilt for some months hanging from a thread and twisted, or “torcolati”. The wilting phase is really important and takes place in dry and aired rooms. The twisted grapes are hung at wood beams really carefully to not ruin the grapes, in this way the fruit lost a great part of water allowing a better sugary concentration that characterizes the final product.

After this, the wilted grapes will be slowly pressed making a gold must that will ferment in small oak barrels for a long period. The refining process of the best wines can last up to 24 months.

Torcolato DOC wine contributes to the prestigious of the province of Vicenza, which own great treasures. The territory of Breganze, Thiene and Bassano is rich in famous tastes that characterize this places, worth mentioning are: Asiago DOP Cheese, Extra Virgin Oil of Grappa DOC, Sopressa Vicentina DOP, Cherries of Marostica IGP, Asparagus of Bassano and the Torresani of Breganze.

Torcolato DOC of Breganze Route

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The area of the Breganze DOC enclose historical sites that shouldn’t be missed, such as the Palladio Villas: Piovene and Godi Maliverni in Lugo (VI). Worth visiting are: the small medieval town of Marostica, Bassano del Grappa with its famous Ponte degli Alpini (Bridge of the Alpines), the massif of Grappa mountains in the background and the city of Thiene. In every place you can taste one of the fifteen wines of the DOC, paired with a typical dish of the traditional cuisine, such as the codfish with polenta (or Baccalà alla Vicentina).

Torcolato DOC wine has a strong gold yellow colour, the bouquet is intense with notes of honey and raisin. In the mouth it is harmonious and rich. Its taste reminds ripe fruits and honey notes. Like the other Passito wines, it is an excellent meditation wine or to end a meal together with the dessert such as the dried pastry, or with strong aged and blue cheeses.

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