Treviso red chicory cake recipe

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How to make the Treviso red chicory cake

The Treviso red chicory Igp, Early or Late variety, is a versatile and delicious vegetable to use in dozen of winter recipes enclose in oil preparations, spirits and, why not, also cakes. The last harvest of the Late Variety (called Tardivo) occurs in March, last month to enjoy this wonderful product.

The venetian recipe of the Treviso red chicory cake can amaze your guests, not only for the unusual use of this vegetable, but also for the delicate and particular taste, perfect if it is paired with a glass of Grappa Veneta, why not a red chicory grappa, to keep to the topic of the typical products!

The Treviso red chicory cake

The red chicory cake is a baked product created recently by the Venetian confectioners; in fact it is not easy to find traces of the birth of this delicious dessert. Their intention was to mix together the confectioner art and one of the most representative products of this Region. The red chicory, symbol of the agriculture of Treviso, always used for savoury preparations it is now linked with in oil products, spirits and the confectionery.

Late Treviso red chicory cake recipe


This dessert looks like a baked cake soft and fragrant, with a delicate taste, where the slightly bitter aroma is perfect with the sweet flavour of sugar. It is perfect for a snack or at the end of the meal, it can be matched with a light zabaglione, sipping a Passito wine or a Grappa.


200gr of Late Treviso red chicory

3 eggs

150gr of brown sugar

100gr of butter

1 packet of baking powder

200gr of flour

100gr of almond flour

Orange zest

Powdered sugar

Milk, if necessary


Whip together butter and sugar until you obtain a spumy cream, add the yolks and blend. Mix, sifting, the flours and the yeast. Wash and cut thinly the red chicory, or you can blend it for two second without smashing it. Add to the mixture the red chicory, the orange zest and the egg whites beat until stiff. If it is too thick, add little milk to dilute. Bake at 180° for 45’-50’.

Once baked and cooled down, sprinkle with powdered sugar.


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