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October, all that you should buy

Fall has started and October is just around the corner. Say hi to melons, peaches and zucchini and welcome the rich and natural products that the autumn months give us. October is one of the most interesting months to do the shopping because you find vegetables and fruit that only this period of the year offer us. Pumpkins, mushrooms and pomegranate… wide use of strong tastes!

October foods to put in your shopping cart: the perfect seasonal shopping


Sweet and versatile, fall is the season of pumpkin: the queen of Halloween! It is possible to buy it from the beginning of October in its different varieties: the taste and the consistency are unique for any type of recipe, from first courses to desserts, but also pureed soups and side dishes. It gives us a refill of Omega 3 and Vitamin A and C that preserve us from seasonal diseases, stimulating the good mood; mineral salts like calcium and sodium reinforce our organism and in addition it has diuretic and detox properties.


It is possible to find mushrooms all year round, depending on the varieties and the species but fall is the perfect period to collect great quantities and the best varieties of mushrooms. Gialletti, finferli, porcini and chiodini are the most famous and tasty, to not let them get away in this small period of harvest. It is possible to cook them and freeze in order to have them in any period of the year. Mushrooms are rich in potassium, vitamin B and fibres, however it is better to not eating too much (do not eat them daily for instance) and stay away from inexperienced harvest.

Red chicory

The first red chicories, healthy and tasty, overlook the markets, waiting for the Late Red Chicory that will arrive in late winter. They are perfect for salads but also baked, grilled and used to season sauces and stuffing. Red Chicory, with its bitter taste is has detox and depurative properties, and its red veins are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


The autumn fruit par excellence. The red and pulpy pomegranate is a real cure-all food. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C or potassium. It is extraordinary once squeezed and drunk as a fresh juice but also shelled and ate pure, inside fruit salads or yogurt. It is a perfect ingredient for desserts and in the Arabian cuisine it is widely used in savoury dishes.


Trentino produces the most tasty and crispy apples of Italy; this fruit that is possible to find all year round, but in autumn it is possible to find other juicy and delicious varieties. You should try fuji, Golden Delicious, Stayman and the “emperor”, delicious ate raw or cooked with cinnamon to make amazing autumn pies.


Woods start to be rich in chestnuts and maroni; these strange fruits that the nature offers us in this period of the year are real delicacies. Who doesn’t love roasted chestnuts in the first cold autumn evenings? They are also healthy: 100 gr of chestnuts have 81 mg of phosphorus, 30 mg of calcium, 0,9 mg of iron and 395 mg of potassium.

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