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Okorei Microbrewery between craft and quality

The cooperative Okorei has the aim to produce high quality craft beer.

The great simplicity of this purpose is at the same time the most difficult and interesting element that characterizes the opening of a microbrewery.

Quality means to select the best ingredients proposed by the market to develop the competences needed to mix and enhance each taste. It is important to verify that the final product is able to express what the brew master was thinking about, accepting that the beer could not always satisfy your own taste.

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Quality means also to have the right abilities to produce a beer that can speak the same language of its land of origin, in order to go down in history.
Quality, moreover, is the need to form and inform about craft products, in order to spread the knowledge that there are plenty of values to be discovered and explained, always following the tradition.

Quality is carrying on the way of the ethic finance, founding the relationship with the clients on the transparency. In fact, they have to be sure to drink a beer of which they know both where the ingredients come from and each phase of the production process.
Quality means also the pleasure to be together, celebrating the real friendship around a table.

Okorei Microbrewery: beer, spirits and traditions

Impianti Okorei | Enjoy Food & Wine

The traditions tied with the beer production, are often connected to legends about evil spirits.
According to the tradition of the northern countries, Okorei was a terrible spirit that in the night used to enter in the rooms where the beer was produced, stealing it; moreover the beer that he couldn’t bring with him became sour. To solve the problem, the brew master left a cat in the brewery with the task to keep clear the mischievous spirit.

The Orokei cooperative was born near Naples and this name derives from this mischievous spirit.


To contact the Okorei Microbrewery call 335 354653 or write to okoreimicrobirrificio@yahoo.it


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