Desserts with beer: easy and quick recipes

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Dessert with beer

Beer can be an excellent ingredient to prepare simple and delicious backed desserts like cakes or muffins. It gives to the dough the right friability and in particular it gives an amber colour, similar to the caramel. Its bitter taste doesn’t affect the pleasant sugar taste of the desserts, but us create a good contrast to satisfy the palate.
The use of beer to prepare desserts reminds typical tastes and traditions of the countries of the North where the most popular and ancient recipes are extremely simple and they were created to combine local products.
Beer, blond or dark, gives sweet and tasty surprises. It is worth mentioning to discover them through some simple and quick recipes.

Soft and light cake with beer

Well-appreciated in France, it is one of the simplest recipes to realize, perfect for balanced breakfast or a healthy break. Soft and light, this cake can be prepared quickly with simple ingredients: four eggs, a glass of sugar, three glasses of flour, 33 cl of blond beer, a glass of oil and a pocket of chemical yeast. Whip eggs with sugar, pour gently the flour, the yeast, beer and oil. Cook in pre-heated oven for an hour at 150 gr. Cool down and then flip it over a plate, sprinkling the surface with powdered sugar.

Chocolate cake with Guinness beer

It is one of the best desserts with beer of the Irish tradition. The strong taste of Guinness beer is perfect together with the intense taste of the dark cocoa. Thanks to this unusual matching, there was born a refined dessert with aromatic and lasting notes. The dark colour of the dough tends to the black attracting the view, but what delight the palate most is the sweetness of the beer that mitigate the bitter taste of chocolate.

Dolci alla birra, torta al cioccolato - EFW

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The recipe is easy to prepare and the ingredients are common. In a pan, heat 250 ml of Guinness beer with 75 gr of dark cocoa and 400 gr of sugar. Cool down the dough and then add two whole eggs, 150 gr of cream, 250 gr of white flour and a half spoon of backing soda. Pour the mix in a cake pan and cook in the oven at 180° for 45 minutes. At the end of the cooking cool down for few minutes and flip it over a plate, cover with whipped cream.

Beer muffins

Muffin lovers could not resist to this recipe that comes from the USA. The main characteristic of these desserts is their quickness. They don’t need long kneading; otherwise they lost their renowned softness. Dry ingredients, as flour, baking powder, salt and sugar are mixed roughly with the humid ones a beer and melted butter. The dough has to be grainy, slightly blended. Pour the mix in the fluted paper cases and cook in the oven for 12 minutes. Apparently they are rough, but thanks to the beer they are soft, and if they are preserved in the right way, the can last for a long period of time.

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