10 typical dishes of Treviso

piatti tipici trevigiani
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Typical dishes of Treviso to try

You can’t say to know the Venetian regional cuisine if you have never tried these 10 typical dishes of Treviso. A traditional meal in Treviso has at least one of these dishes and if you are around, do not hesitate to try them in one of the typical Osteria that we reviewed for you.


Typical dishes of Treviso: starters

1. Sopressa, cornmeal mush and mushrooms


Only seasonal mushrooms but Sopressa and cornmeal mush all year around: this is the typical starter of the Osterie in Treviso often served with cheeses as Casatella DOP or Montasio. Sopressa trevigiana, as it is called (in English, sopressa of Treviso), is the main character of the dish, always cut with a knife. It has to be produced according to the tradition: the 70% of lean meat seasoned with fat, bacon, pepper, cumin and cloves. It will be even better if it is home made and paired with Prosecco. Cornmeal mush, always yellow, can’t miss; to perfectly accompany the cold cut it can be both liquid and toasted.

2. Treviso Red Chicory

There are different types of chicory, but only one is unrivalled: Late Treviso Red Chicory. It is famous for its long crispy sticks, white and red-violet, slightly bitter and perfect for thousands of recipes. It is well appreciated all over Italy and it is abundant on the tables of Treviso, cooked in different ways. It can be served raw together with balsamic vinegar, sautéed in a pan or roasted with bacon. It is also the perfect seasoning with first courses such as the typical risotto with Treviso red chicory, Casatella and sausage.

3. “Sciopetti” omelette

Omelette with spontaneous herbs is a must of many regional cuisines in the province of Treviso but also in other parts of Veneto. Sciopetti is a kind of spontaneous herb also called carletti, sclopit, scrissioi, capusseti, bubbolini. Omelette with sciopetti is sweet and pleasant to the palate and it is possible to collect them along the banks of Piave river. Omelette and Sciopetti can’t miss during a picnic in Treviso!

Typical dishes of Treviso: first courses

4. Sopa Coada

Sopa Coada, an ancient dish of the culinary tradition of Treviso, is a “pasticcio” made of bread, consommé and pigeon meat; it is a rich and nourishing dish. The recipe foresees layers of toasted bread covered with cheese alternated by layers of deboned pigeon and sautéed in a pan with wine. This “Pasticcio” is finally soaked in abundant consommé and cooked in the oven for a couple of hours.

5. Pasta e Fasioi (Pasta and Beans)

piatti tipici trevigiani

Pasta e Fasioi is a real institution in the province of Treviso. It is served with a thick soup of Borlotti or Lamon beans pureed in a creamy velvety soup mixed with ditalini (a kind of pasta). Sometimes it is seasoned with bacon rind or cheek lard and a light mirepoix. According to the traditional recipe it has to be served with raw late red chicory on the bottom of the dish and a sprinkle of pepper.

6. Risotto with “rosoline”

“Rosoline” are poppy leaves collected in spring before the flowering of the plants, that grow up on the wheat fields. They are parboiled and eaten as a side dish, together with other leaf vegetables or to prepare a savoury risotto.

Typical dishes of Treviso: second courses

7. Pevarada


Pevarada is a savoury sauce usually paired with white meats, game and winged animals like rabbit, guinea fowl and pheasant. It is prepared grinding the liver with cold cuts, seasoned with spices among which juniper berries and pepper. Each cuisine and family has its own Pevarada recipe, thus it can be prepared in different ways.

8. Asparagus and hard-boiled eggs


Cimadolmo, Zero Branco and Badoere white asparagus is eaten according to the typical recipe in spring together with hard-boiled eggs. The vegetable is simply boiled and seasoned with oil and vinegar, paired with hard-boiled eggs and parsley.

Typical dishes of Treviso: desserts



Tiramisù was born in the ’50 in the kitchen of the famous Osteria of Treviso “Le Beccherie”. The original recipe has ladyfingers, light and spumy biscuits, soaked in coffee and alternated with a rich mascarpone and yolks cream. You can’t leave Treviso without tasting a slice of this delicious dessert.

“Fugassa” e “sfogliatine”

prodotti tipici trevigiani

Another delicacy of Treviso, but also spread in other parts of Veneto, is the sweet “Fugassa”. It is a simple and light focaccia, covered with a layer of sugar and almonds, perfect tipped in the milk or in a good Passito wine. Finally, the last gluttony is “sfogliatine”: puff pastry rectangles, crispy and puffy, covered with a sugary glaze and a decoration of apricot jam. Serve them together with coffee at the end of the meal.


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