Red and black coloured hamburgers arrive in Japan

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Coloured hamburgers: with bamboo charcoal and powdered tomato

After the Vegan Fast food and the vegetarian news of Mc’Donalds, there are other weird things on the horizon in the world of fast foods! Bright red and black hamburgers are the last news that the giant of the fast food restaurant, Burger King, will kick off in the Japanese market the next 3rd July. The Japanese world, we know, is fascinated by the strong colours, distinctive features of the famous manga, of fashion and furniture, and now Burger King use this tyoe of colour also in cuisine!

Too much food colouring? It seems that the King of Fast Food, just after Mc’ Donalds for its number of stores in the world, assures that the food colouring used to transform the colour of the bread, cheese and mayonnaise in bright red and black colours are 100% natural. The red colour is obtained by powdered tomato whereas the black is bamboo charcoal and sepia. A new trick thought to satisfy more the eyes than the palate of the Japanese world, but it is possible that the coloured burgers will unload also in the western world shortly.

Aka Samurai Burger: red bread and cheese


Aka, that in Japan means red, will be available in the menu of Burger King from the next 3rd of July. Not only the bread, but also the stringy cheese inside it, is coloured with powdered tomato. It can be possible to taste it in other versions with beef burger with breaded cutlet seasoned with a sauce made with beans, hot chilli tobanjan pepper and Togarshi pepper. Red and spicy, the unique characteristics of this new and bright burger.

Sepia and bamboo charcoal for Kuro Burger

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Black hamburger, kuro in Japanese, is not a news for the lovers of Japanese fast foods, Burger King, in fact, launched a similar version in September 2012 with black bread and ketchup, the next year the version Ninja was enriched by a slice of bacon and in 2014 other varieties were landed on the counters of fast food. The last version of Kuro Burger foresees bread, cheese and even garlic sauce with an intense natural black, the first two coloured with bamboo charcoal whereas the sauce is blacken with sepia. From 21st of August, in the Japanese Burger King you can order the version Kuro Shogun with grilled aubergine and Kuro Taisho with French fries.

burger king

It is black, but what about the taste?

If the powdered tomato doesn’t affect the taste and it is just a visual trick, the black given by the bamboo charcoal give to the food a slight burned taste. It is an ingredient that the traditional Japanese cuisine knows very well, and that it uses to colour long black spaghetti, and recently it is used also in the cuisines of the most creative chefs of the western world. The foods coloured with this vegetable charcoal is enriched with a delicate note of barbecue and smoked, perfect with dishes of fish and meat. The only doubt is the result of the pairing with the marine taste of sepia used in the sauce!
If, besides the colours, you want to make at home a perfect hamburger read this suggestions for a masterly hamburger.

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