Fake dishes… the light and vegan version for your summer

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Light and vegan version of the tastiest dishes

Spaghetti with tomato, ragu and ice cream. These dishes are tasty but not easy to eat during the hot summer months or suggested for a light and fresh diet perfect for summer. But no sacrifices! The trick is to transform these dishes and their ingredients, playing with shapes and different consistency.

A dish of spaghetti with tomato, a thick ragu with cornmeal mush and an ice cream at the end of the meal. A tasty lunch but rich in calories, how can we figure it out? Spaghetti becomes zucchini, minced meat is made of soy and ice cream is a clever light sorbet, vegan and without sugars.

A complete meal, with a low glycaemic index, rich in vegetables and proteins with the right fats count. To eat with taste, with a special eye to the setting of the dishes (it will be difficult to find the trick at a first glance!) but without feeling bloated with fats, meat and carbohydrates.

Zucchini spaghetti with fresh sauce

Do you want spaghetti? Put aside pasta and take the zucchini! There are nice tools for sale with the shape of a pencil sharpener or multi-functions that are able to transform your vegetable in lots of big spaghetti, you can taste them raw or parboiled. To season them, do not use the canned tomato sauce, and choose sweet and juicy tomatoes. Peel and dice them, sear in a pan with a drizzle of oil and basil and sear with zucchini spaghetti. And instead of cheese? A sprinkle of grinded almonds.

Soy ragu and millet cornmeal mush

No fat, meat, butter or wine. You can obtain a tasty and light ragu with granular soy. This particular ingredient is easy to find in some bio or vegetarian shops and it is easy to use. Once rehydrated it is perfect to use as ragu. Heat in a pan, oil, garlic and a mirepoix of celery, carrot and onion. Mix the granular and after few minutes dilute with fresh or peeled tomatoes and add abundant aromas typical of ragu: rosemary, sage, juniper, salt and pepper. Leave boil for half and hour and you will smell the perfume. Instead of the cornmeal mush? Choose millet, a gluten free cereal, light and with a low glycaemic index, with a consistency similar to cus cus. Set the dish with millet and pour the light ragu over it.


Vegan ice cream without sugar

No milk and animal cream, no sugar nor eggs. Doubts? You are wrong, try this light and vegan recipe to change your mind. Mix together 250 ml of rice or almond milk, 300 gr of dices of frozen banana, some drops of stevia to sweeten. Mix everything together and add grinded dark chocolate. Finally decorate with cherries in syrup… in a light version! It is sufficient to remove the stone from the fruits and sear in a pan with some drizzle of lime juice and a spoon of honey.

Enjoy your light and vegan lunch!


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