Made in Italy conquering the USA… via web

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Food and web, a lucky marriage

Social media, digital marketing, a crowd-funding platform together with chocolate hazelnut, oil and anchovies. The perfect union to be successful overseas! A group of small producers of Italian excellences started from the web and thanks to the ether they are going to reach the greatest Italian food exporters towards United States.

Delicacies in a box

Italy in the box, this is the name of the start-up that was born in the small Italian heart of Molise, which started thanks to the crowd founding on Kickstarter. It is a well-known global platform for the crowd-funding, where everyone can donate a sum to support the start of a project or a start-up and the launch on the market of a new product or service. Thus, no initial capital for Italy in the box but a crowd funding from the bottom, betting all on the high quality and the excellence of the Italian food and wine production.

Italian excellences reach American houses in a box

The main characters of this lucky project are a bunch of people from Molise that put in contact the Italian excellences with the American food market. Thanks to the intermediation of the start up the producers of local specialities such as oil, pasta of Molise, Sicilian anchovies, chocolate hazelnuts from Piedmont, nutmeg and other delicacies joined together to give birth to this project. It encloses the Italian tastes in a box, selling them overseas.

The start up acts as an intermediary, in fact it collects the specialities directly from the producers, it prepares the box (consisting on a mix of delicacies) and delivers it, managing also all the required bureaucracy. Moreover, who had donated on Kickstarter will receive, according to the donation, a box with a variable number of delicacies, obviously made in Italy.

Italy in the box is an example of the great potentialities of the web that allowed this small Italian start-up to bring Italian food and wine excellences on the other side of the world.
Web marketing campaigns highlighted the excellence of made in Italy. Moreover social media marketing strategies and e-commerce studies allowed the start-up to reach the right visibility and success.


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