The last trend of Blue milk

blue milk
Written by Riccardo Perazza

Blue milk, the last healthy trend

Bright light blue, super nourishing and perfumed, the last trend comes from Australia and it is blue milk.

We aren’t talking about food colouring and chemical products at all, on the contrary blue milk is the last trend that makes vegans and healthy people of Melbourne totally crazy. A crazy crowd reached the Matcha Mylkbar to try this last invention, so charming that go round the world. It soon will arrive in Europe and Italy, its fame has already arrived here thanks to the social where there are picture of this fascinating light blue drink 100% natural.

The healthy, vegan and innovative of Matcha Mylkbar is rich in extravagant dishes with some unknown ingredients, all 100% vegetable; a paradise for who loves fining in the dish and in the glass aloe, matcha tea, raw cocoa, Kombucha and vegan eggs, that is a vegan version obtained with coconut that offers the same protein count. Among the famous bowl (we will talk soon about Buddha bowl, another vegan trend) in the menus and delicious smoothies stands the new entry, Smurf Latte.


What is blue milk?

But what is this Smurf Latte? The ingredients of blue milk are coconut milk enriched with lemon, saffron, sweetened with malted rice and the seaweed E3 the main responsible of the colour that has made famous this drink. After a week, Matcha bar has sold 200 Blue Milk, served for 8 Australian dollars per glass.

The taste is acid with an aftertaste of seawater given by the seaweed, but what makes the blue milk that famous in few weeks? How it often happens there is the paw of the social media. Hundreds of curious people came to taste this drink with weird colour and ingredients to take pictures and post them on Instagram. In such a small period of time this last news has gone round the world, intriguing the healthiest people of the world.


The seaweed E3 is one of the beloved super food, rich in anti oxidants and mineral salts, it is an extraordinary food, as all the seaweed. If you mix that “smurfy” colour, the success is certain. Its use in cuisine is super easy, the blue milk is prepared heating coconut milk and melting a spoon of powdered seaweed.

Thus, if you are around Melbourne visit the Matcha Mylkbar and do not hesitate in front of the mushroom or beetroot milk, go straight to Smurf Mylk, the trend of the moment, and do not forget to post the picture on Instagram!

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