Christmas dishes of Puglia

piatti natalizi pugliesi
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Recipes of the best Christmas dishes of Puglia

Christmas in Puglia is rich in strong tastes and tasty dishes, ancient culinary tradition together with genuine ingredients of the land and rich recipes. They are able to bring on the tables of the people of Puglia. If you want to enrich your lunches and Christmas dinner try these dishes of Puglia.

Christmas dishes of Puglia: Panzerotto

Piatti Natalizi pugliesi
The perfect recipe for each occasion but it is ideal for Christmas. Fried panzerotti are the symbol of the gastronomic culture of Bari and Puglia, not only because they are able to reunite relatives and friends to knead and fry all together, but also because they have a great success.

Panzerotti hide secrets in the preparation: the dough has to be soft and spumy, often knead with mother dough. Moreover the stuffing is made with tomato sauce, thick, not watery, as mozzarella or fiordilatte. When mozzarella and tomato are thick, season them with salt, pepper and basil. Panzerotti, once stuffed are fried and served with a pinch of salt.

Christmas dishes of Puglia: orecchiette with turnip tops

Piatti Natalizi pugliesi
In the menu based on meat, the famous orecchiette with turnip tops can’t miss. You need fresh turnip tops after a first boiling in the water, sear them in oil, garlic and pepper, and sear with a grizzle of vinegar.

In the meantime cook the pasta in the boiling water, obviously homemade, once cooked pour them in the turnip tops. If you like you can season the dish with pecorino or crumbs of toasted bread.

Christmas dishes of Puglia: Lamb with “Lampascioni”

Piatti Natalizi pugliesi
In Puglia it is not Christmas without lamb!! Lamb with “lampascioni” is an extraordinary Christmas dish. The recipe foresees a kilo of lamb meat, baked together with half a kilo of potato and half a kilo of Lampascioni. Lampascioni are the bulbs of famous aromatic plants that seem small onions, but the taste is slightly bitter, for this reason they are perfect paired with sweeter vegetables like potato.

In a wide pan, place the lamb, the slices of potatoes, the cleaned lampascioni and the slices of onion. Cover with a mix of garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and bay tree leaves. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with a pinch of chilli pepper. Cook for a couple of hours, drizzling with white wine, until it is browned.

Christmas dishes of Puglia: cartellate

piatti natalizi piugliesi

To conclude the Christmas’ Lunch with a boom, there could not miss the amazing sweet and delicious “Cartellate”. This typical dessert is made of stripes of pasta rolled and fried, then poured in the honey and decorated with coloured decoration of sugar.

To prepare good Cartellate, Molfetta-style, you need a kilo of flour, 200 gr of EVO oil, 150 gr of sugar, 2 eggs and half a glass of white wine. Mix together the ingredients and knead for some minutes. After half an hour spread the puff pastry and cut some stripes 3 cm large and 25 cm long, fold the stripes in the middle and roll them. Fry in oil, drain and sprinkle with hot warm honey. Finally decorate with coloured decorations made of sugar.

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