Easy and quick ways to cook courgettes

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Benefits of courgettes

There is the Gourmet Gold, the Magda, the Italian Ribbed or the Round de Niece; usually we can find for sale the medium size courgettes with a green colour, that are perfect for their taste and shape to the different home preparations.
If you live in the countryside or in the city, this is the highest period of production of courgettes that you can find also at a reasonable price. Moreover, being a typical vegetable of this season, they are rich in precious and nutrient qualities like potassium, folic acid, vitamin E and C. They are useful to fight intestinal problems and they have relaxing and calming properties, besides having a low calorie count.

Courgettes are really versatile and it is perfect for thousand of preparations and recipes, even if we usually just grill them. We suggest you, this, some recipes super tasty recipes to cook zucchini with a special eye for the vegan people.

1. Courgettes stuffed with sausage (or tuna)


The first thing to do is to cut the courgettes in half, removing the internal part, in order to create enough room to stuff them.
For the stuffing use sausage without the bowel and cut in small pieces, the rest of the courgettes that you had previously diced, add the soft part of the bread soaked, egg to blend together, salt and pepper q.b.
Stuff the zucchini, cook for at least 40 minutes at 180° until they are perfectly grilled.
An alternative to the meat can be tuna.

2. Courgettes rösti


For a perfect courgettes rösti we suggest, for first to wash and dry them, then grate them roughly. Pour them in a pan with eggs, salt, pepper, spices to season and feta if you like.
In the meantime heat a pan with a drizzle of oil and place the dough with a spoon making like some circles. Cook until they are perfectly grilled. Dry the rösti with some blotting paper and serve still warm.

3. Mini-roll of omelette and courgettes


This is a great solution also for our vegetarian friends. Cook the omelette as you always do, as long as it is pretty thin, make 3-4 thin omelettes based on how many mini-roll you want to prepare.
In the meantime, grill the courgettes, cut in thin slices too (they cook earlier) and season them with salt and oil to taste.
Start assembling the mini-rolls alternating a stripe of omelette, a grilled courgette and if you like add also some dried tomatoes to season. Pierce your mini-roll with a long skewer so they can be easy to serve and eat.

4. Pureed soup of courgettes

Vegan spinach, leek, courgette and coconut milk soup with spiced croutons

A great pureed soup of zucchini is prepared cutting in pieces the courgettes together with potatoes and leek. Put in a pot with broth and make it boil, cooking until the vegetables become soft. Now turn the fire off and blend everything adding broth if the soup is too thick and season to taste.
Serve your soup with a drizzle of oil and a handful of croutons previously prepared.

Salad spelt, zucchini and shrimps


First of all cook the spelt, drain and make it cool down under the water.
For the seasoning, cut the courgettes in thin sticks and sear them quickly in the pan together with the shrimps with oil, salt and pepper. When everything is seasoned mix together with spelt adding, if you like, some toasted pine nuts that will give the right crispiness to the dish.

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