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Get tanned with beer? Myth or reality?

birra per abbronzarsi, ragazza - EFW
Written by EFW Staff

Beer to get tanned: the benefits of hop and yeast on the skin

We all know that orange fruit and vegetable contain a good substance for our skin. It is called beta-carotene and it is able to raise the natural defences, protecting us from the sun’s rays and in the mean time it is a good ally for a homogenous tan. It is all true. But nobody knows that there is another ally for our tan: hop that is considered as a perfect activator of melanin. For this reason it is possible to use beer to get tanned.
It doesn’t matter which quality, whether if blond or dark, choose what like you most because hop is the main ingredient of all the beer. And hop is your new beauty secret. Do you think that this has no sense and you have started reading just for fun, as the theme seems unfounded?
You should change your mind, because you are about to discover in detail, how you can use beer to get tanned.
For first, don’t worry! Even if you have to come back home from the seaside driving there is no problem. You will pass the alcohol test without worries. Relax in your swimsuit and rub the sun cream as you are used to do, I said that we are using the beer to get tanned, not to drink!
Ok with the cream? Pay attention to choose the proper protection for your skin and remember that UVA rays are dangerous even if you have dark skin. Burnings can seriously damage your skin, up to severe consequences. Hop, in fact, is a powerful activator of melanin but it doesn’t contain protective barriers. It is necessary to rub a cream as a defence. Done this, use a spray refilled with beer that you like and vaporize on your body. You could see immediately the effect and the difference on your skin.
birra per abbronzarsi al mare - EFW
Your skin will be golden, smooth and compact. The only problem is the smell, if you don’t like beer, but do not even try to add essential oils to perfume! In any case, the smell of beer won’t remain on your skin forever, as it is slightly alcoholic it will evaporate together with the other substances, as the smell.
The yeasts in the beer are useful to feed our skin, naturally dried because of the sun exposure. Furthermore, it helps to absorb the melanin itself, thus it is even an enhancer of melanin. Using beer to get tanned is a real beauty treatment. If you don’t want to use crafty methods, there are tanning lotions that take advantage of the active principles of the beer, the so called beer cream. The most famous is produced by the brand Wonder Company.

What to do after having used beer to get tanned

After adopting this method, it is useful to take a shower with freshwater and a delicate soap not to damage the balance of the skin that is stressed by the sun. Afterwards it is better to rub a good after sun cream and some drops of wheat germ serum that is a powerful skin stretcher.
To obtain a pleasant refreshing effect you can mix with the after sun lotion a little of natural gel of aloe Vera. You would feel immediately its benefits on the skin, especially if, the most delicate areas as bikini zone, arms and knees are irritated. The main advice is to not sunbathe in the hottest hours of the day and to not exaggerate. After these pieces of advice, we wish you to enjoy your tanning with beer!

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