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The success of Italian craft microbreweries

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The Italian boom of craft microbreweries

915 craft microbreweries in Italy, among which 157 in Lombardy, 98 in Piedmont e 61 in Lazio: these are only some of the data of the beer craft production in Italy. Lots of people in the last years decided to open a microbrewery.

Ingredients coming from the territory, 0 food miles and personalized recipes are the winning elements that allowed to transform personal passions into real business. This sector goes from home productions in the house garage and cellars, to important breweries that produce and package hectolitres of blanche, blond and red beers.

From USA to Italy the home brewer phenomenon

The craft beer production phenomenon, the so-called home brewers, was born in the United States in the ‘70s. It has slowly invaded the Old Continent where Italy achieved the third position for its number of small craft producers. It has been a real boom, an expansion similar to the beery Great Britain for its numbers and speed, a country where the inhabitants are renowned beer lovers.

The success of Ale and Pilsner beers in Italy can surprise in a land where the king of the tables has always been wine, both red and white! In Italy, passion of beer has spread in the same way of good wine. They have to be craft beers, high-quality beers, with a peculiar taste and aromas and today the Made in Italy beers are unavoidable drinks even in the starred restaurants and Gambero Rosso coined a new symbol (a foamy beer mug) to show the presence of good labels in a restaurant.

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Italian beer in United Kingdom

The Italian microbreweries productions are so good that they are having a great success also on the other side of the Channel. In fact almost half of the local production flies in Great Britain supporting, in this way, a growing economic sector that involves above all youths. The main characters of this new business are above all the under 35. If you are curious, in this article we explain the first steps to become brew masters.

0 food miles, specific aromas and design

birrificio artigianale

How to succeed with a microbrewery? Many small Italian producers that are involved in this market can teach us. Focus on the quality of the local ingredients, preferring a short distribution chain: hop and barley coming from Italy, water from the closest river source, relying on an Italian malt houses.

Another winning factor? Make your production unique giving aromas and flavours. There are some beers for sale that are unique for the addition of Irish seaweed, apple, with raspberries and pear, or beers with notes of nuts, liquorice or chocolate.
Last but not least, the imagine of the product; craft breweries try to realize labels and innovative brands unique and different, characterised by style and design.

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