The typical first courses for Christmas in Molise

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Discovering the first dishes of Molise

The surface of Molise is divided between mountains, hills and the coast that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, thus the food and wine tradition of the region is rich in savoury products to prepare tasty dishes of fish and not only.
This food richness gives its best during the Christmas celebrations, when even stock fish and cardoons become the main ingredients for great dishes.

The typical Christmas first courses in Molise: cardoon soup

Soup of cardoons is a delicate dish that requires a great care and attention because of the cleaning of the cooking of this spiny plant with flowers similar to artichoke. To prepare it you need: 1 big cardoon, 1 lemon, 2 slices of garlic, butter, olive oil, 4 eggs and homemade bread. It is necessary, first of all to clean the cardoons and place it in a bowl with water and lemon juice to avoid that they become darker. Sauté the garlic with oil and butter in a pan, add cardoons and leave seasoning. Add three glasses of warm water and salt.
When everything boils, add two beaten eggs with salt and pepper, blend and leave dry. Enrich the soup with warm croutons.

The typical Christmas first courses in Molise: Franz Pizza

Another speciality of the Christmas holidays in Molise is Franz Pizza in warm broth, made of small pieces of pizza made with eggs, grated Parmigiano and parsley, cooked in the oven.

The typical Christmas first courses in Molise: stock fish “arraccanato” and baked stock fish

Primi piatti natalizi molisani: il baccalà arracanato - Enjoy Food & Wine

Another typical recipe of the Christmas’ Eve is “baccalà arraccanato”, made with grated stockfish, that according to the tradition should be eaten lean. Once, it was cooked placing the pan with the stockfish covered with cinder, oil, wine and bay tree leaves inside the fireplace.

Another variant foresees to bake the stockfish with potatoes, it is tasty and delicious.

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