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Vinitaly is not only wine!

Written by EFW Staff

The main character at Vinitaly is always wine, but not only! Here and there, strolling around the pavilions, fascinated by thousand of excellences of the wine sector, there are different productions all with a strict tied with wine. We have found some of them and interviewed for you!

Distilleria B.lo Nardini, the most ancient distillery of Italy

Bortolo Nardini is the most ancient distillery in Italy that since 1779 produce distillates and spirits in the historical location in Bassano del Grappa. Their main products are Tagliatella, Acqua di Cedro or Ginepro, but they are specialized also in aperitif with MezzoeMezzo Nardini, a mix made of ½ Mezzoemezzo® Nardini and ½ of soda.
At Vinitaly 2017 the Nardinis launched the new line called Selezione B.lo Nardini, that combine the tradition and the evolution of distillatory art improved during the years, in a unique packaging inspired by the headquarter of the company “Le Bolle” designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

Schermata 2017-04-20 alle 15.00.02

Bellini Canella, the most famous cocktail of Venice

Casa Vinicola Canella is another family-run winery founded in 1947 by Luciano Canella in San Donà di Piave (VE) and immediately it is specialized in the production of sparkling wines, Prosecco and Spumante wines, given that this territory of origin tied it with this type of wine.
In 30 years, the company succeeded thanks to the production of Bellini, one of the most famous cocktail in the world. The interesting mix of 2 parts of Prosecco and 1 part of white peach pulp and a couple of drops of raspberry to give the characteristic pink colour, has created a good alternative for the aperitif. Moreover, it is good because the peaches come from the territories of the family in the area of San Donà di Piave, it has only 5% of alcoholic content and few calories. A quaffable and pleasant drink!


Liolà Caffè, coffee with an extra oomph

Francesco Donati, the owner of Liolà Caffè told us about its production of original coffees made of dehydrated pomace.
The main aim of this start-up, born around one hour and a half ago, is to answer the needs of the market that ask for high quality coffee. They are focused on the restaurant owners in order to offer to the client the widest choice of coffee through a real coffee chart.
Their coffees in theme with Vinitaly are extraordinary, made of pomace dehydrated of cabernet and chardonnay creating mixes rich in aromas and without alcohol. A special cooperation was born with the only producer in the world of Mais Corvino, for a sweet and pleasant coffee.liola-caffe-chardoanny-cabernet-mais-corvino


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