May purchases: what you should buy this month!

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What should you buy in May?

Time to think about the seasonal products! The hot season has arrived and the nature gives us lots of vegetables and genuine fruits. We prefer the seasonal products, best if 0 miles products, to benefits from the freshness and their numerous nutritional elements, to add to the 10 healthy foods for a healthy and detox diet.

In May the nature give its best: gardens, fields and orchards are full of sweet and pulpy fruits and vegetables rich in water and fibers; let’s go on, then, to discover fruit, vegetables and legumes of May to know what to place in the kart the next time that we go to the greengrocer.

Detoxing with taste in May!

Hot, sun and first days on the beach… it is time to clean the organism with a detox diet, loose some kilos, maybe following the suggestions of the Mediterranean diet, eating a lot of fruit, vegetable and vegetable proteins. All with taste and lightness.

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Vegetable of May


May is time for fresh beans: small, soft and tasty. They can be used in cuisine in lots of preparations, from the classic “risi e bisi”, to pureed soups, seasoned with mint or as a side dish. Beans are a great protein source, they are rich in vitamin A and B1, and they give phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesia and iron. Thanks to their depurative properties they help to eliminate the toxins collected during winter.

Board beans

Going on talking about legumes; board bean, in this month, invades our gardens! They are rich in vitamin B and fibers, able to help the intestine regulation, but also proteins and iron, a great food for who choose a vegetarian and vegan diet. Recipes with board bean? The typical Roman pairing is raw board bean and pecorino, it is the top! But try it also as seasoning for a pasta, a cornmeal mush or seared in a pan.

New potatoes

Small, soft and thin peel. New potatoes, queens of May, are rich in water and selenium. They boast also a new quantity of Vitamin C and zinc and less potassium than their sisters cultivated in other regions. They are perfect to reinforce the immune system and the muscles to enrich the diet of mineral salts.


We have already talked about it in this article. Asparagus are diuretic and depurative, they help to eliminate toxins, clean and deflate the organism. As a result, our body will gain great energy and vitality. Rich in water, fibers and with a low fats and calories content, there is a great quantity of folic acid and vitamin A that cause benefits on skin and kidneys, but also phosphorus, vitamin B, calcium, magnesia and potassium.

How to use these vegetables in cuisine? Mix them together: with beans, board beans, new potatoes and asparagus, you can create great warm minestrone soup, but also as seasoning of pasta and rice, omelettes and fresh salads.

Remind that in May there are also lots of spontaneous herbs rich in healing and depurative properties.

Fruit of May


The first fruit is she: the strawberry! It is depurative, hypo caloric and rich in important nutrients for our organism. Be creative and try the recipes that we suggest here.
Eat them daily and your organism will feel better: from the teeth (thanks to the xylitol), the intestine (for its fibers and water), the muscles and the bones thanks to its vitamins and mineral salts.


Finally they are arrived! The Italy’s most loved fruit is matured; cherries start to appear in the greengrocers. Sweet, juicy and delicious, they are a real cure-all for the body. From the purifying action, are in fact diuretic, laxative and depurative, cherries are also rich in Vitamin A, good for the sight and C that protect the immune system. Do not forget that it contains flavonoids anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and keep you young! Try the Marostica IGP cherries.



There are also the first apricots, the sweetest fruit of the summer that is coming! Just 28 calories for 100 gr and many other fundamental nutrients. First of all Vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium that fight anaemia and tiredness, they reinforce the bones and help the functioning of the tissues. Potassium is a great help also for the nervous system and muscles.
Finally Vitamin A helps to stimulate melanin, thus if you want to get tanned quickly… eat strawberries, cherries and apricots!

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