Fruit menu from starter to dessert!

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Fruit, the queen of menu!

Let’s start with energy! The comeback from the holidays is often hard and exhausting and the progressive decrease of the temperatures doesn’t help. It is necessary to give the right energy to the body to prepare it for the autumn in the best way. It is important to have the right place to the seasonal fruit that thanks to its richness in vitamins, mineral salts and important nutrients is a great help to start again with the right mood.

Citrus and seasonal fresh fruit: who says that you can eat it just as a break or at the end of the meal? If you are bored to eat it everyday in the same way try to assimilate it in other dishes, to make guests and children happy creating energetic and healthy dishes!

From the starter to the dessert, cooking with fruit


Salad with… watermelon

1 slice of watermelon



50 g Feta

10 Cailletier

Lemon, mint, EVO oil

Dice the watermelon, mix with a handful of arugula, add 5 grinded walnuts, a handful of cailletier and feta, crumbled with hands. Season with the juice of half a lemon, a drizzle of EVO oil and fresh mint. Refreshing and energizer!

Peaches… in risotto

Peaches and rosemary is a winning couple, try it in a risotto! A recipe that mixes together tradition and innovation and the right balance between sweetness and savoury.

½ shallot

3 peaches

100 gr of rice

2 branches of rosemary

EVO oil

Still white wine

Butter to cream

Vegetable broth

Sear the grinded shallot in oil, add rice and toast, after two minutes mix two diced peaches, simmer with white wine and cook the rice as usual, diluting with broth. When the cooking is almost finished, mix the third peach cut in dices. Finally cream with butter and sprinkle with grinded rosemary and mix gently.

Cherries… with turkey burger

A sweet and sour chutney with cherries perfectly paired with a turkey burger for a Gourmet Hamburger. For the jam you need:

400 g of cherries, big and pulpy

2 spoons of brown sugar

A cinnamon stick

1 orange

Lemon zest

Apple vinegar

Turkey burger and 5-cereal bread

Place in a pan a knob of butter and cherries without stone, add brown sugar, the cinnamon stick (to remove at the end of the cooking), fresh-cut orange slices, lemon and orange zest. Cook for 30 minutes, finally sprinkle with vinegar and leave evaporate. The jam is ready when it is thick. It is perfect to stuff a gourmet burger with 5-cereals bread, turkey burger seasoned with rosemary, bay tree leaves and arugula.

Apple tarte tatin

To close with a bang the dessert part excellence with apples: tarte tatin!

A roll of puff pastry

1 kg of apples

100 g brown sugar

Vanilla, cinnamon


On a pan, make a slight caramel, melting the sugar with a half glass of water, once browned place the apples on it, cut in quarters. Sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla seeds and cover with puff pastry. Bake for 30’ at 180°.

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