Vegan aperitif: tasty and unique recipes

aperitivo vegano
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When the aperitif becomes…vegan!

No worries! Nothing is worst than saying that it is difficult to prepare a vegan aperitif or that it will leave the omnivorous guests disappointed. We are going to show you that an aperitif without meat, cold cuts, fish or derivatives (such as dairy products and eggs) is tasty and various… it will leave astonished also the most convinced carnivorous!

You can play with the ingredients and the colours… a lot of vegetables, grains and other delicacies for a summer aperitif, fresh and savoury as good as the caloric cold cuts, the usual sandwiches and the heavy cheese creams.

Veg recipes for a vegan aperitif

If you want to amaze your friends with smart and tasty recipes, leave aside the beans in the can and the usual pasta salad, and be creative with the seasonal ingredients and these quick and easy recipes…

1) Vegetarian Sushi
It is sufficient to have that long grain rice or the specific rice for shushi, carrots’ sticks, cherry tomatoes and diced avocado. Roll out the boiled rice on the table; place the fresh vegetables on it and roll! Sprinkle with red paprika, sesame or poppy seeds, or choose the traditional alga nori.

2) Omelette without eggs with herbs and field flowers
Quick and easy! Mix the chickpea flour with water, a drizzle of oil and grinded basil and make rest this batter for 10 minutes. Sauté a grinded spring onion and the herbs that you have collect from the fields (dandelion, bruscandoli and asparagine), mix the batter and cook as an omelette. You can cut in rhombus and pair it with soy whipped cream mixed with lemon drops.

3) Green croquette with beans
A successful recipe! Prepare a thick béchamel sauce with oil, flour and soy milk (or oat if you prefer), seasoned with nutmeg and sweet paprika. Blend the boiled beans and mix with the veg béchamel. Dry the dough with breadcrumbs and potato starch, make it rest in the fridge. Make some croquettes and roll it in the chickpeas and water batter, and then in the breadcrumb with abundant sesame… fry and taste! A real delicacy!

4) Tasty panzerotti with tofu
Make or buy a simple veg short crust pastry without butter, make some circles and fill with this dough: black olives, dried tomatoes, grinded capers, rosemary and fried tofu. Close panzerotti and cook in the oven.

5) Seitan and vegetables skewers
Super easy… alternate dices of seitan with spring onions, tomatoes, belt peppers and grilled eggplants and serve with an emulsion of oil, mustard, chilli pepper and yogurt.

6) Mexican spelt salad
Season the boiled spelt with cherry tomatoes, red beans, corn, green belt peppers and diced avocado. To serve with a spicy tomato sauce: peel and cut the tomatoes, cook with oil, grinded onion, a pinch of sugar and lots of spices: cumin, paprika and chilli pepper. The salads with vegetables and fruits are perfect for a vegan aperitif.

aperitivo vegano

You can make also some quinoa meatballs and plenty of other traditional and veg recipes such as focaccia, oil dip and crudité, vegetables pureed soups served in glasses and slices of toasted bread with tofu and olives cream or blended belt peppers with soy ricotta.



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