The thousand virtues of Ginger: properties and recipes

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Ginger: the healing and slimming root

Disinfectant, slimming and aphrodisiac! These are only some of the benefits of the ginger, a root with a fresh and chilli flavour; it is widely spread in the European cuisine to give an eastern touch to dishes and desserts or to give birth to liquors and spirits.

Ginger is a root with a grey and rough peel and for this reason it looks like the common tubers such as the Jerusalem artichoke, with its yellow, pale and stringy pulp. The smell and the taste are unique: the citrus taste, like lemon, fresh and chilli. Perfect to give to savoury and sweet dishes a lashing of freshness and taste

Benefits and healing properties of Ginger

Besides its taste and its use in cuisine, Ginger boasts numerous healing and healthy virtues thanks to its properties. It is not a coincidence if Ginger has been being used for millennia as a natural remedy in the Easter and Ayurveda medicine; moreover it is an important element of the homeopathy and herbal therapy or in the west it is used to heal gastrointestinal and digestive diseases.

Essential oils, antioxidants and phenols make it a real cure-all root! It is useful for the gastrointestinal system, stopping vomit and nausea, it helps to digest and fight the meteorism. Its antiseptic properties and its healing ability make it a great remedy for the stomach burning; moreover its antibacterial power prevents and heals gastritis, acid reflux and bad digestion.


Healing recipe

For a bad digestion, gastritis and bloating, drink an infusion made with hot water, pieces of ginger, bay tree leaves and chamomile. It is perfumed and tasty, perfect to heal all your gastric problems.

Ginger has slimming powers

Consuming the fresh ginger root can help to start the metabolism and keep it always active. Thus it is a great help to get into the shape and lost weight! Moreover, its antibacterial properties can regulate the intestinal flora, so it can be easier to deflate the belly and get the shape!

How to use it?

You can grate the fresh root or cut it in small pieces or slices; however you can find for sale the dry spice in the form of powder, it loose a bit its flavour but not its active principles.
In cooking you can put no restraints to your fantasy, ginger is perfect with fish, to season tomatoes and salads, but also desserts such as strudel, jams, tart and cakes. It can be paired with vegetables, with quinoa, rice and couscous salads. Any idea?

Curry and ginger shrimps

It is an easy and successful Indian recipe! Sear in a pot few oil with garlic, hot chilli pepper, a spring onion and a spoon of curry. Add a spoon of fresh grated ginger and sauté. Add a diced tomato and after two minutes also the shrimps. Cook for 10 minutes, turn the fire off and add some other slices of fresh ginger. Serve with rice.

Quinoa with courgettes and ginger

Cook the quinoa in a light consommé for 10 minutes. In a pan sear some seasonal courgettes with its flowers as well and spring onion leaving them crispy, at the end of the cooking add the diced tomatoes and the grated ginger or in pieces. Mix the vegetables and sprinkle with grinded walnuts and almonds.

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