10 super foods to be healthy and beautiful

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Healing and get in shape with healthy food

The dress rehearsal is close, but don’t worry it is sufficient to choose the right diet to restore your energy and slim down! You don’t need sacrifices to refresh your body, but you have to choose the right food, rich in water, vitamins and nutritive properties that help the cellular regeneration, the organism protection and getting rid of toxins.

Health at the first place… which food is good for you

It is important to eat healthy, not only to be beautiful, but also to feel good! It is possible to dispose the toxins collected during winter and detox your body in few months choosing the right food. The answer is easy… vegetables, fruit and legumes for first. And which are the foods that we could eat daily? And which essential nutrients are good for us?

Let’s start from these ten foods…

1- Red fruits and blueberry

These small jewels of the wood are rich in anthocyanins (that give the bluish colour) rich in antioxidants useful to prevent cellular ageing. They help the blood circulation and are perfect to lighten the heavy legs! Do not forget Vitamin A, C and E!

2- Dried fruit: walnuts and almonds

Dried fruit is rich in Omega 3 and thus good fats that protect the heart and the cardiovascular system. However they are pretty caloric so it is better to eat it just a few. Three walnuts and three almonds per day are perfect daily healthy snacks.

3- Goji berries

These small red berries, slightly bitter are famous in Italy as well. They come from the Asiatic uplands (China and Mongolia) and are real Super Food: rich in antioxidants, proteins and vitamins, able to keep the organism young, fighting the free radicals. Goji berries are useful to keep under control the cholesterol.

4- Green tea

A cup of green tea is perfect to loose some kilos gained during winter, perfect if mixed with a pinch of pepper and lemon juice that activate the metabolism and help to remove toxins. It is a elixir of long life given the great number of antioxidants.

5- Asparagus

The nature offers us extraordinary depurative cures: the asparagus are diuretic, depurative and rich in water. They help to stay in shape facilitating the removing of the slugs and giving vitamins and mineral salts.

6- Spinaches

Iron, calcium and vitamin A are perfect to refill our body, and make the skin healthy and strong. Get ready for summer with spinaches that are a great help for the bones.

7- Lentils

Muscles need proteins to have a tonic body, but to not exceed with the animal proteins give you meals of legumes. They are rich in proteins that contain iron and fibers. Lentils in particular are better than beans because they bloat less and they are less caloric.

frutta mista

8- Apples

Remind it… apples are healthy! They are an extraordinary healthy snack because they are nourishing and sweet, in addition they have low calorie count and they are so rich in fibers that can help to regulate the intestine.

9- Quinoa

We have already talked about it, in one of the last articles: Quinoa is a complete protein source that gives many other nutritive substances like iron and fibers. Quinoa together with seasonal vegetables is a complete meal from every point of view.

10- Kiwi

cibi salutari

More fibers from apples, more Vitamin C from oranges and more potassium from bananas. Kiwi is also rich in water and helps to fluidize the blood facilitating a good circulation… until it is for sale it is better to take advantage of it!

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