Some good reasons to become vegan

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Why choosing to become vegans?

Since 1994, the World Vegan Day (World Vegan Day) has been celebrated on 1 November 1994, a celebration of the founding anniversary of the Vegan Society in the United States (1944), and opportunities to promote awareness of the many benefits associated with a vegan diet. Based on the total exclusion of any animal food (meat, fish, but also eggs, milk, cheese, honey), veganism, though rather widespread, is still often considered a crazy fashion, with the exclusive prerogative of radical or animalistic environmentalists activists. Many are actually the myths to blur, and the reasons why a vegan diet can in fact turn out to be an absolutely sensible choice for your health and the environment.

A good choice for your health

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One of the most convincing reasons for taking a vegan diet is for its benefit in terms of psycho-physical health. Eliminating the consumption of meats and dairy products means reducing the amount of fats and then removing one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Recent studies have shown that a diet based on food of vegetal origin can in fact increase immune defense against cancer, reduce the risk of contracting lung diseases, Alzheimer’s and Type 2 diabetes.

An ethic choice

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Inspired by the ethical principles of the protection of every living being and antispecist thought, veganism is based on the absolute choice of not taking part in the systematic and unnecessary killing of animals. In the belief that atrocities and cruelty suffered by millions of animals at all times are comparable to those imposed on victims of true slavery. Choosing to be vegans means not participating in this psychological and physical abuse of other living beings.

Environmental Protection

Food choices are one of the most powerful ways to show your impact on the environment and the ecosystem. Animal breeding and the production of dairy products and eggs may prove to be more polluting than plant cultivations for humans. The transport of plants and their processing to produce animal food can, among other things, imply greater contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Support to developing countries

With motivations similar to environmental ones, veganism can help support populations of developing countries. A source of food based on vegetable products requires only one third of the land needed to support a diet based on animal products.

Economical, greedy and easy recipes

A vegan diet can prove to be extremely economical: the main consumption of legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables guarantees the same nutrients as animal products at a significantly lower cost. The American best seller Eat Vegan at $ 4.00 a Day explains how to spend only 3 euros a day, ensuring all the essential elements for a healthy and proper vegan diet. In addition, vegan eating does not mean giving up flavor: the most delicious foods, such as cookies or chocolate, can be prepared using absolutely good butter and egg surrogates. Finally, the preparation of a vegan dish is very often very simple and fast.

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