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What is it and why to choose vegan cuisine?

Reasons to choose vegan as “modus vivendi”

There are many reasons to choose vegan cuisine, among them there are a few to remember: respect for every form of life, the benefits of the lack of animal proteins in human diet and the pleasure to taste genuine, natural food and free from cholesterol. In fact, vegan is a true philosophy of life. It means feeding away from any product that comes from the exploitation of animals or their killing. These vegan behaviors also extend beyond food and concern clothing, shoes, cosmetics, medicines and accessories. Even the choice of pet can be made taking into account this lifestyle.

The basics of vegan cuisine

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Eliminating all your animal products from your diet does not mean eating randomly. The human body is a perfect machine and needs the right nutrition to function in the best way. At the base of this type of kitchen there are cereals, fruit, vegetables, legumes and spices. To these vegan foods are added such as seitan and tofu, imported from the oriental tradition. Who decides to become a vegan must control its diet so that nothing is missing. Vegan DIY diets are dangerous as they may cause severe anemia or other types of food deficiencies. There are so many sites that teach, to those who want it, the right way to live following this philosophy.

The way to prepare food is different from one person to another: boiling, frying, tempura, baked, grilled, steam, lava or nischimè (in layers and without oil). Maple syrup and oatmeal are also widely used. Take care to the ingredients listed on envelopes and labels because animal products can be found in the most unattainable places (such as casein in wine). Some studies have shown how animal proteins can harm our health by favoring the appearance and development of cancer. For this reason, vegetable proteins are preferred.

The famous Omega 3, fundamental for our health, can be taken even if you follow the vegan principles. It is possible to find them in abundance in flaxseed, nuts, cereals, leafy vegetables, algae and some legumes. Proper vegan nutrition uses a lot of cereals, both in the “dry” and in the germinated varieties, particularly rich in minerals and vitamins and dry fruits in moderate amounts. As far as proteins are concerned, there is an infinity of foods that contain large quantities.

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Vegan recipes, the healing properties of some vegetables and advice on the diet to follow

On the internet there are a lot of vegan cuisine sites that contain directions on where to find the ingredients more easily. Meetings are organized, where nutrition specialists give advice on how to eat properly and where experienced chefs teach alternative ways to enjoy foods included in the vegan diet. Choosing to try vegan cuisine is just the beginning. Everything else comes with time and has to be learned step by step. You can also learn how to cure diseases with the help of medical plants.

Many vegans also give up on alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee, they prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables and organic farming products. Attention should also be paid to dyes because, for example, the coccinella comes from females from insects belonging to the species Dactylopius coccus, Dactylopiuso Kermes vermilio (the ladybirds to be clearer). From the carapace of these insects comes a food dye known as E 120. As always, choices are individual and each person is free to decide the line to follow in their own lives. But if you decide to follow a vegan diet, you can also live better and keep your health longer, this is the right choice.

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