Vegan Fast Food: the new frontier of fast food

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Fast Food becomes vegan and healthy

Universo Vegano and Veggie Days declare war on the classic Fast Food! Mc Donald’s and Burger King start to shake… now there are Vegan Fast Food: good, healthy and super competitive!

How to sum up Vegan Fast Food in two concepts? The first is that there aren’t animal derivatives or products that contain them: meat, dairy products, eggs and honey are forbidden. The second is the main principle of this activity, that is a healthy cuisine, possibly 0 food miles and biologic. Who said that fast food restaurants have to serve junk food that damages your health and the shape? Vegan Fast Food restaurants give rise to the revolution of fast food!

Universo Vegano: the first Vegan Fast Food

The first vegan Fast Food inaugurated in Italy, hasn’t choose an easy baptism! Universo Vegano decided to open its first brave branch in Florence… the city of the Fiorentina!
The inauguration has been a success and many other branches were born in few times in many Italian cities: from Milan, Turin, Brescia, until Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Cagliari and many other.
Their menu is 100% cruelty free and it satisfies the taste of the fast food lovers: burgers, piadina, sandwiches but also salad, first courses, croquettes and desserts. Meat has been substituted with seitan, tofu and tempeh and you find also burgers made of cereals and legumes. Mayonnaise is vegetarian so that cheese!

However, their menu doesn’t foresee just sandwiches, there are also excellent first courses with quinoa and black rice. They use also spirulina for some dishes, as for instance “Spirulina pie” or “Veghina” one of their Piadina.

In many of their restaurants, like the one in Milan, they organise tasty vegan aperitif with toasted slices of bread, creams, delicacies and natural drinks.

Veggy Days, healthy moments!

Another example of success of Vegan Fast Food is Veggie Days, that is a franchise that you find in diverse regions and cities: Desenzano del Garda, Florence, Rome and Cesena, but many other restaurants are going to be opened.

Veggie Days has created different types of restaurants, all vegan: Burger that is a fast food style restaurant, Cafè for breakfast, Hour for aperitif and Risto with a real complete menu, that seems pretty tasty. There are typical starters like friselle and olive pesto or the most innovative dishes like Parisienne with chickpeas and vegetarian carpaccio. Going on, there are tasty first and courses. Among the first courses there are Pink Ravioli of seitan and radicchio or green ravioli with Tofu and basil, Carbonara Veg, pumpkin pureed soup and quinoa with chia seeds.

The second courses offer seitan goulash, strips of lupine, crumble of tempeh and mixed grill… everything is vegan! Dulcis in fundo… there is such a wide choice of desserts to make your mouth watering: besides ice cream and veg cream there is also cheesecake and veganisù!
Vegan food is good and tasty

These two Italian chains are just two examples of Vegan Fast Food in Europe and America ad they are having a great success. For first, the ingredients have a good quality and are healthy, often biological or 0 miles. Vegan cuisine can be as tasty as the omnivorous one, quitting calories and fats… a real cure-all for the health but also to stay in shape! Thus this food is well appreciated by the vegetarian, vegan and why not, also by the omnivorous!

Vegan philosophy

Worth mentioning, finally, is the ethic philosophy that lead this food and wine experiences that are focused on serving sustainable food, good for the mankind, the environment and the whole animal world.

The mission of Vegan Fast Food is to reject the consumption of animal derivatives and theis exploitation in the food industry. They prefer, instead, vegetable raw materials: cereals, legumes and vegetable proteins of Tofu, Seitan and Tempeh.

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