Veg and vegetarian diet is growing in Italy

dieta vegana
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Italians love green and vegan diet

Less red meat and more fruit, vegetables and vegetable proteins. Italy is starting to pay more attention to health and what one’s eat, preferring a vegetarian and vegan diet.

More veg and green with the vegan diet

A recent study carried out by GfK Eurisko showed how Italians prefer a green diet, healthy and ethic. Italians have chosen a green diet have increased of 16%, they keep the distance from the consumption of meat, saturated fats and no healthy foods.

The 9% of the Italians chose a diet without meat: the 6% are vegetarian and the 3% follow the vegan cuisine; then there are the veg purists (2%), which follow the raw food and macrobiotic diet.

Italy eats healthier

Not only the consumption of meat and animal proteins have decreased but also the study reveal haw Italians take seriously into consideration the issue of their diet. They banned junk food and fast food preferring healthy meals made of fruit and vegetables. It is not a chance if the Mediterranean diet has increased its followers growing the spreading among the Italians of the 21% in ten years. Say bye to pre-packaged snacks and junk food, which consumption is decreasing, preferring healthy food and balanced diets.

dieta vegana

Vegan diet, all Italian!

The 16% of the Italians that in the last years give up eating meat, the 3% has made the drastic decision to choose a vegan diet. Vegan people in Italy are a million and a half, being a growing section of aware consumers. For this reason, in the supermarket there are now even soy products like tofu and tempeh, seitan and wheat muscle.
What is today’s general situation in Italy? The 36% comes from the North of Italy and live in big cities; the 58% are woman, between 45 and 55 years of age. But the wide range of choice is widening, and it is not a case if big brands like TreValli-Hoplà and Granarolo sell in the market vegetable milk and cream.

Soymilk and cream on the podium

The study has revealed that 4 Italians out of 5 know soy and its products; the first position for the selling is not tofu, but soymilk and soy cream, as favourite products respectively of the 15% and 14% of the interviewed buyers.

Thus, prefer vegetable proteins and soy, down with hydrogenated fats, saturated fats and junk food like drinks with gas and industrial desserts… green and healthy win!

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